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Are you wanting to feel better emotionally or physically?

Are you looking for immediate guidance in your life?

Worried you have to spend years in therapy to be happy?

"Tania's healing practices are powerful."

Adriana R., Columbia

"Something HUGE shifted in my body; almost like a blocked, dammed up water course had been unblocked."

Mangalo, UK

Hi, I'm Tania.

I'm here to help you feel happy again.

Trained Therapist / Energy Worker
Yoga Instructor / Massage Therapist

If you are struggling in your life but don't know where to start, this energy healing with guided counseling package, is wonderful for kickstarting your healing process in a powerful way and to start feeling better today. In these 4 sessions, you will understand what areas of your life need support, where your energy blocks are, receive energy clearing, important guidance for your life and valuable tools to feel better. We all hold emotions and stress in our bodies so it's critical to clear energy blocks and negative energy in order to heal. Take advantage of a unique opportunity to work with a trained therapist and intuitive energy worker who knows how to combine the healing powers of both for a faster road to health and happiness for you. 

Healing to Happiness Package

Session 1 (1.5hrs)


  • Holistic assessment to identify your immediate concerns, goals and energy healing needs.

  • Brief explanation about chakras, what they are and how they are important in your healing process.

  • Initial feedback with concrete tools to begin using in your life right away.

  • Rebalancing Chakra Series provided (7 total MP3’s) to further your healing process and provide more information, guided meditations and practical tools for your health, healing and happiness.


Session 2 (1hr)


  • Explanation about how energy healing session works and what to expect.

  • Energy Healing Session provided by phone/Skype.

  • Discussion about energy healing session and what you experienced.


Session 3 (1 hr)


  • Feedback from me about your energy healing session with recommendations for your life and how to heal and be happy.

  • Recommendations for your life and creation of an action plan based on your goals and chakra needs.


Session 4 (1 hr)


  • Further discussion about your action plan and progress with initial goal/needs.

  • Final recommendations and suggestions for your healing and wellness.

Benefits of the

Healing to Happiness Package

Save valuable time and money and receive powerful healing and tools for your life today!


  • Holistic/chakra assessment designed by a trained therapist and intuitive energy healer to more quickly identify and pinpoint your primary issue(s) and energy healing needs.


  • Powerful energy healing session to assess your overall energetic health.


  • Receive the "Rebalancing Chakra Series" which includes 7-MP3’s for rebalancing your chakras with valuable information including explanation about what a chakra is, how it can help you, how each one works and a different guided meditation for each chakra to support your healing process that can be listened to between session.


  • Valuable information/guidance for your life from holistic assessment and energy healing session.


  • Clearing of energetic blocks and negative energy that may be preventing you from moving forward in your life and may be causing physical or emotional problems.


  • Convenient sessions provided by phone or Skype means no running around to appointments, sitting in traffic and spending extra time.


  • Practical feedback, tools and exercises to begin using right away in your day-to-day life to help you reach your initial goal, to heal and be happy !


  • Perfect if you’re looking for real change and healing in your life but prefer a short-term approach.

Total Package - 240€



Worth 295€

You save 55€!

Call or email me for an appointment today!

Tel. +33 6 27 57 12 05
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