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Welcome to your path to happiness...

Do you want to feel happy and healthy but don’t know where to start?
Looking for practical answers to feel better right away?

The good news is you don't have to find all the answers yourself... you just need to know where to find the right support.

How can we help you:


  • Multiple healing and wellness services in one place. Everyone heals differently, so working with professionals that are knowledgable and experienced in different techniques and can offer a wider variety of services saves you valuable time and money and allows a faster healing process.


  • Highly knowledgable and skilled professionals with over 20 years experience who truly understand the healing process.


  • Individual services by Skype/phone for your convenience and saving you valuable time.


  • Transformational wellness retreats with more than just yoga, but also workshops, individual services, and practical tools, tips and feedback to use immediately in your life to make changes.


  • A variety of short and long-term, affordable retreats to meet different budgets and further support your healing process.


  • Dedication to helping you find real solutions right away in your life and to feeling better.

A few words from our inspiring clients...

I enjoyed that it was small, personal & flexible. It was good to know that the timetable wasn't rigid. There was also time to just be free, relax and do your own thing if you wanted. I loved sitting at the table for meals and just talking and laughing with Tania & Lucas about anything. The food was divine... and plentiful.
Angela, Australia
Retreat Participant

Gary, UK

Retreat Participant

From arriving to departing, a very enjoyable and relaxing stay. You made me feel at home. Food was delicious and the trip to local market was cool.
Thank you guys for the fantastic weekend. Feels like I've had a full system reboot. Learnt lots from you both and you have such positive, loving energies. I feel Inspired and ready to take on the world. I will be back soon.  
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