Just Be - Quinta Joy Fullness
Just Be - Quinta Joy Fullness
Just Be - Quinta Joy Fullness
Just Be - Quinta Joy Fullness
Just Be - Quinta Joy Fullness
Just Be - Quinta Joy Fullness
Just Be - Quinta Joy Fullness
Just Be - Quinta Joy Fullness
Just Be - Quinta Joy Fullness
Just Be - Quinta Joy Fullness


September 3rd & 4th

From 10am

2 days for your Mind, Body and Spirit

After travelling around the world for years and discovering the healing power of spiritual, emotionnal and physical practices I've decided to offer the opportunity to others to have in one place the chance to go within and to Just Be themself, or what they want to be.
We carry eveyday so many masks, so many fears, so many believes... with JUST BE, we want to create a safe place where you can Just Be...

An amazing team joined the dream and are ready to welcome you and share their knowladge, experience and gifts.

Meditation, Yoga, Sound Bath, Breathwork, Qi Gong, Intrinsic Yoga and Movement, Cacao Circle,
Ecstatic Dance, Workshop, Massage, Acu-point Treatment, Neuro Feedback, Bach Flower Remedy Consultation, Tarot Reading...

You will find during 2 days a lot of classes and pratices to free yourself, to enjoy, to share, to celebrate or/and to start a journey within...

So, let's Just Be... together!

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New Program coming soon

The Facilitators



- Meditation

- Self development Workshop

- Sound Bath



- Breathwork



- Yoga, Movement & Dance
- Cranio Sacral Treatment
- Sound Bath

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- Qi Gong



- Yoga



- Cacao Circle

- Ecstatic Dance



- Bach Flower private consultation

- Tarot Reading

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- Acu-Point Treatment

- Massage

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- Neuro Feedack

The Program

- 17h: Arrivals
- 18h: Opening Ceremony
- 19h: Yoga Class
- 21h30: Sound Bath
- 9h: Movement Meditation
- 10h: Yoga
- 12h: Workshop:
Connect with your inner Child to heal
- 16h: Qi Gong
- 17h30: Breathwork
- 20h30: Cacao Circle
- 21h: Ecstatic Dance

New Program coming soon

The Prices

You can pay per class or buy a package.
Prices per activity
The prices are donation based
- Yoga Class (Yin or Vinyassa) - 1h: 5€
- Movement Meditation - 1h: 5€
- Qi Gong - 1h: 5€
- Yoga, Movement & Dance - 1h30: 8€
- Breathwork - 1h30: 8€
- Self Development Workshop - 1h30: 8€
- Sound Bath - 1h: 8€
- Cacao Circle: 2€
- Ecstatic Dance - 2h: 8€
Save money with
our Packages

The prices are donation based
- 10€ pack: 2 activities at 5€ + 1 drink

- 15€ pack: 2 activités at 5€ + 1 at 8€

- 20€ pack: access all activities at 5 euros + 1 drink

- 45€ pack: access all group activities
One to one activities
available on site

The prices are donation based
- Massage and Acu-Point-Treatments: 15min 8€ /
  30min 15€ / 60 min 30€
- Tarot Reading: From 10€
- Craniosacral Full Body Session: 90 min 40€
- Bach Flower Private Consultation + personalised mix: 15€
- Neuro Feedback: 45min to 1h: 10€

What about the meals?

Our meals are homemade, vegetarian or vegan.
The prices are donation based
- Main meal: 5€ to 6€
- Sweets & Snacks: 1€ to 2€
- Fresh Juice/smoothie/Kefir: from 2€

Where to sleep?

You can stay on site for the night.
You have different options

(pre booking necessary)
- Campervan space: 6€
- Your own tent space: 6€
- Rent a room in the big caravan: 16€
- Rent the big caravan: 30€
- Rent the small caravan: 20€
- Rent a Bell Tent : 30€
- Rent a tent: 12€
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Grande caravane - Quinta Joy Fullness
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Big  Caravan

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Intérieur Caravane Lucas.jpeg

Small Caravan

Come on Friday and enjoy our night market

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