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Just Be - Quinta Joy Fullness
Just Be - Quinta Joy Fullness
Just Be - Quinta Joy Fullness
Just Be - Quinta Joy Fullness
Just Be - Quinta Joy Fullness
Just Be - Quinta Joy Fullness
Just Be - Quinta Joy Fullness
Just Be - Quinta Joy Fullness
Just Be - Quinta Joy Fullness
Just Be - Quinta Joy Fullness
Just Be - Quinta Joy Fullness
Just Be - Quinta Joy Fullness


October 14th - 16th 2022

From 10 am

3 days for your Mind, Body and Spirit

After travelling around the world for years and discovering the healing power of spiritual, emotionnal and physical practices I've decided to offer the opportunity to others to have in one place the chance to go within and to Just Be themself, or what they want to be.
We carry eveyday so many masks, so many fears, so many believes... with JUST BE, we want to create a safe place where you can Just Be...

An amazing team joined the dream and are ready to welcome you and share their knowladge, experience and gifts.

Meditation, Yoga, Sound Bath, Breathwork, Qi Gong, Intrinsic Movement and Dance, Kiirtan & Meditation, Kiirtan Heart Circle, Cacao Circle, Ecstatic Dance, Self Development Workshops, Massage, Acu-point Treatment, Bach Flower Remedy Consultation, Tarot Reading...

You will find during 3 days a lot of classes and pratices to free yourself, to enjoy, to share, to celebrate or/and to start a journey within...

So, let's Just Be... together!

Just Be Event 4 - Flyer R
Just Be Event 4 - Flyer V

The Facilitators

Lucas Holistic Coach - Holistic Therapîst - Just Be Event


- Meditation
- Self development Workshop
- Sound Bath

Charley - Breathwork Just Be Event


- Breathwork

Lenzea - Yoga, Movement & Dance - Just Be event


- Yoga, Movement & Dance
- Cranio Sacral Treatment
- Sound Bath

Kamala Inner Voice Activation - Just Be Event


- Authentic Inner Voice Activation

Ariane Qi Gong - Just Be Event


- Qi Gong



- Self development Workshop

DJ Niko - Ecstatic Dance Just Be Event


- Cacao Circle
- Ecstatic Dance

Dada Kirtan - Just Be Event

Dada Mahaprajinananda

- Kiirtan & Meditation
- Kiirtan Heart Circle

Melo Tarot Reading - Just Be Event


- Bach Flower private consultation
- Tarot Reading

Je'He - Just Be Event


- Acu-Point Treatment
- Massage
- Foot Reflexology

The Program


12:00 - Arrivals
13:30 - Opening Ceremony
14:30 - Movement Meditation
16:30 - Yoga Class
18:00 - Kiirtan and Meditation
20h30 - Performance


09:00 - Breathwork
11h30 - "Unlock the power of the subconscious" Workshop
14:30 - Intrinsic Yoga, Movement & Dance
17:30 - Cacao Circle
18:00 - Ecstatic Dance
20:30 - Sound Bath


09:00 - Get to know Qi Gong
11:00 - "Connect with your inner child to heal" Workshop
14:30 - Authentic Inner Voice Activation
17:00 - Kiirtan Heart Circle
19:00 - Closing Ceremony

The Activities

Self Developpment Workshops (2h) - Connect with your Inner Child to Heal
During those Workshops we will work on different subjects who help you understand better some of your beheviors patterns and dynamics in order to give you explanations, clarity and tools to start freeing yourself from them. It's a mix of teachings and excercices. By the end of the workshop you will have better understanding in why things are the way they are and how to move forward in your life.

Breathwork (1h30 min)
Breathwork is Pranayama, Pranayama is part of the ancient practice of yoga.
We can use the breath to connect with our deeper self, to access our sub conscious and peel off all the layers of stress and tension we have accumulated over time. By practicing stronger breathing exercises we can remove blockages and strengthen open and cleanse all the energy systems in the body.
When we practice slower, calmer breathing exercises we can slow all the energy systems down such as the nervous system and the cardiovascular system. This helps us create a clear one pointed focus which prepares us for deep meditation.
Breathwork/Pranayama can greatly benefit you physically mentally and emotionally.


Intrinsic Movement and Dance (1h30 min)
This class is a powerful way to move and dance through your emotions, and to connect to your intuitive flow. It's an opportunity to let go of the past, be present and free.
It's a possibility to discover your creative form and unique expression

Craniosacral treatments (1h30 min)
I offer are non-invasive, gentle and manual body work. It supports the autonomic and central nervous systems, the locomotor system and it intensifies the self-regulation of the body, its self-healing forces and immune resistance and produces a more balanced craniosacral rhythm.  Several to many sessions reduce or resolve restrictions and barriers within the craniosacral system.
I work on the entire body, focusing on the hip and sacrum region, torso, neck and head.  These treatments are relaxing and give you a sense of balance.

Kiirtan (1h)
Kiirtan is devotional singing with a mantra with a simple two-step dance and the meditation will be guided by a tantric monk with more than 40 years of experience.

Kiirtan Heart Circle (1h30)
Mantra therapy (from gestalt therapy) in group focused on giving, receiving and connecting guided by a tantric monk with more than 40 years of experience.

Authentic Inner Voice Activation (1h)
Awaken your authentic inner voice and journey towards its greatest potential and purpose.
A collective voice activation workshop with Melodic exercises, vibrational mantras and a gentle inner world journey.

Lucas Holistic Coach - Holistic Therapist
Lenzea - Just Be Event

Sound Bath (1h)

A sound journey invitation for mind, body and soul. It's a peaceful monotone sounds working with vibrational instruments and voice.
Instruments: singing bowls, bells, monolini, chimes, tongue drum, shrutibox, shamanic drum and gong

Ariana - Just Be Event

Qi Gong (1h)

Qi-Gong is a gentle, simple and great method that provides our Being with both physical and emotional balance. These slow movements, stretching or self-massage, punctuated by conscious breathing, activate our meridians that will stimulate our systems such as digestive, lymphatic, cardiovascular, immune, nervous.....

The regular practice of this art quickly brings a feeling of lightness, ease and clarity of mind.

Yoga (1h)

I have been teaching yoga pilates and body balance sinterklaas 2007. Body balance is a combination of yoga pilates and tai Chi. My classes are a mix of different yoga styles.  During the Just Be event I will be teaching Petra Flow. This is a dynamic form of yoga were we move from one pose to another. It connects your with tour body and calms the mind. Be suprised and come join the fun.


Self Developpment Workshops (1h30) - Unlock the power of the subconscious

After this workshop you will understand how we take information from the outside world into our neurology, and how that, in turn, affects your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. This will help you to control your own thoughts.

With this inside you will be able to manage your thoughts and your feelings. It s fun!

Bach Flower Remedy Consultation (1h to 1h30min)
Live your emotions serenely thanks to the floral elixirs. Bach flower but also contemporary and Andean elixirs. Through a spontaneous discussion, you will go back with your own personalized mixture, to helo you go through your emotions.

Tarot Readings
Answer your questions with tarots and oracles. An intuitive reading through the cards and messages transmitted by my guides.

Lomi Lomi Nui Hawaiian full body massage (90min)
A massage from the Hawaiian tradition, which is very comforting, involves long strokes, wave-like movements and gentle stretches. In the tradition Lomi Lomi Nui is practiced to let go of the old and to embrace the new.

Abhyanga Ayurvedic full body Massage (90min)
A massage with lots of oil, slow floating moves and strokes over the whole body, deeply relaxing

Foot Reflexology (30 min)
the foot reflects the entire body - microcosm and macrocosm. This modality can be used to work on specific organs and body parts or to simply  harmonize and relax the entire body.

This is a psychotherapeutic method to release charges from trauma out of the nervous system. It involves movement of the eyes or bilateral stimuli on the body. As a psychological counselor and hypnotherapist I gladly offer this approach that is generally fast and effective, always depending on what you wish to address, some type of fear or reaction pattern or unresolved emotions, for example. These sessions at the event are not designed to address clinical psychological issues. A first session takes usually one to two hours. A second session rather 30-60 minutes

Acu Point Treatments (30-60 min)
On the basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine there are points on the body along a meridian system that transports chi (“energy”). Physical and mental/emotional dis-ease are generally understood as disharmony and blockages in the flow of chi. There are many ways to work on acupuncture points. I also work with magnets and acupressure. In Germany I am a licensed acupuncturist since 11 years.

The Prices

You can pay per class or buy a package
Pay on arrival (no card)

Prices per activity
The prices are donation based

- Yoga Class - 1h: 5€
- Movement Meditation - 1h: 5€
- Qi Gong - 1h: 5€
- Kiirtan & Meditation: 5€
- Yoga, Movement & Dance - 2h: 10€
- Kiirtan Heart Circle - 1h30: 8€

- Inner Voice Activation - 1h30: 8€
- Breathwork - 1h30: 8€
- Self Development Workshop - 1h30: 8€

- Self Development Workshop - 2h: 10€
- Sound Bath - 1h: 8€
- Cacao Circle: 2€
- Ecstatic Dance - 1h30: 8€

Save money with
our Packages

The prices are donation based

- 10€ pack: 1 activity at 5€ + 1 at 8 or 10€

- 20€ pack: 3 activities at 5€ + 1 at 10€

- 40€ pack: access all activities at 5 euros + 2 activities at 8€ + 1 activity at 10€

- 75€ pack: access all group activities

One to one activities
available on site

The prices are donation based

- Massages, Foot Reflexology, Acu-Point-Treatments: 30min 15€ / 60min 30€ / 90min 45€
- EMDR: 60min 30€ / 120min 60€
- Tarot Reading: From 10€
- Craniosacral Full Body Session: 90 min 40€
- Bach Flower Private Consultation + personalised mix: 15€

What about the meals?

Our meals are homemade, vegetarian or vegan.
The prices are donation based

- Main meal: 5€ to 6€
- Sweets & Snacks: 1€ to 2€
- Fresh Juice/smoothie/Kefir: from 2€

Where to sleep?

You can stay on site for the night.
You have different options

(pre booking necessary)

- Campervan space: 6€
- Your own tent space: 6€
- Rent a room in the big caravan: 16€
- Rent the big caravan: 30€
- Rent the small caravan: 20€
- Rent a Bell Tent : 30€
- Rent a tent: 12€

Tent - Feel to Heal Retreats
Tent - Feel to Heal Retreats


Big Caravan - Feel to Heal Retreats
Grande caravane - Quinta Joy Fullness
Big caravan - Feel Better Retreats

Big  Caravan

Small Caravan - Feel Better Retreats
Small caravan - Feel Better Retreats

Small Caravan

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