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What is Lotus Village?

A community? A retreat? A wellness center? An eco-village?


In the future, which we hope to be soon, it will be all of these things and more. But while we are working to create the actual eco-village, Lotus Village is a community of healing, sharing and support that's main purpose is to allow everyone to have access to another way of thinking about their life and their environment.


Today, we are an association in which you can enter a path that will lead you to well-being and better living. You can access through our workshops, courses and retreats a doorway back towards yourself, your personal development, as well as your physical well-being. Through our association, you can meet with one of our healing professionals for (life coaching, therapy, massage, reiki, couples' counseling...) and have access to a wide range of ways for your mind and body to come back into balance.


Lotus Village is a chance to discover and share a different way of life, focused on both physical and psychological well-being in a supportive environment. It is an opportunity to have an open and respectful community that encourages everyone to become the leader of their own life and their happiness. We strive to make Lotus Village a sanctuary where everyone can learn and grow freely, refocused on finding peace and balance and the life they have always wanted.


An opportunity to find yourself again


Spiritual leaders, politicians, economists... everyone agrees our society is going through a very difficult time-- a crisis in fact. A precarious job market, all-time high records of unemployment, economic and moral recessions, all of which greatly increase stress and fear, leading to a growing sense of insecurity. Learning to manage these stressors, to step back and find a better way of living is crucial for everyone now. Lotus Village is an opportunity to begin to refocus on oneself again and to move towards a better life beyond this "crisis."


A place to learn how to live better


Those concerned with the protection of the environment and a better quality of life are increasing in number. The exponential growth in the use of organic and "bio" products as well as the proliferation of stores offering non-GMO (genetically modified organism) foods, show how society is becoming aware of the importance of better nutrition. Lotus Village teaches people about more natural ways of eating and consuming, raises awareness about how to live in better balance with the environment in your day-to-day life and how to make informed decisions about the products that you buy.


A solution


We hear a a growing theme from people who are saying the same things: that they feel there isn't a sense of unity between people anymore, a sense of respect, sharing or community. When asked further if they feel they are missing these things and if they want to have them in their lives, most respond ''yes of course, but it doesn't exist'' or "I don't know where to find it.'' Our society is facing more and more struggle, and the concept of supporting and sharing are no longer the priorities. It is this gap between what we live every day and what we actually need and want as human beings that we are focusing on. For this reason, we are Lotus Village.



Welcome to YOUR community...

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