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Currently, we are located in the south of France in the cities of Castres, Revel and Martigues. Since we place a high importance on making ourselves available to those who are interested in our services and our project, we are also open to coming to different areas of France for appointments, group workshops and events depending on the needs of our community and our schedule. So, if you are interested in one or more of our services and unable to come to these cities, please let us know!

Discover how to achieve a life beyond your barriers, your fears and to finally move towards the life you want.


The answer takes just one click!

Please note that
these services are in French.


Vous pouvez le dire : ça n'aura jamais été aussi simple de se soigner naturellement. De vos yeux jusqu'a vos sens en passant par vos émotions.

Feeling overwhelmed or stressed? Physical problems you or your doctor don’t know the cause to? Want to feel more relaxed and balanced?


Discover solutions and click below…

Please note that
these services are in French.


Mon assiette ? je l'aime pleine de verdure, colorée, pleine de senteur. Je l'aime quand elle à des saveurs qui me font tourner la tête.

C'est décidé, je soigne aussi mon assiette ! 




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