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Do you want to feel better emotionally or physically?

Are you looking to make immediate or long-lasting change?

Would you like someone to help support and guide you back to happiness?

Hi, I'm Tania.

I'm here to help you feel happy again.

Trained Therapist / Energy Worker
Yoga Instructor / Massage Therapist

"Tania's healing practices are powerful."

Adriana R., Columbia

"She is a very sweet and caring person , she loves her profession and her professionalism allows us to feel totally confident."

Benjamin P., France

Therapy is a wonderful way to gain valuable insight into your life and your patterns, to feel supported and to learn how to make the life you want a reality. We all need an objective ear and a place where we can express how we really feel without fear of judgment or criticism. Without this, we often end up repeating the same patterns in our lives, never really able to make the necessary changes and to feel the happiness we are searching for. Gone are the days when therapy has to be a long and tedious process. Find answers and gain powerful insights for yourself and your life today!

Therapy Package

Purchase a package of 3 Therapy Sessions




For 180€




Normally 210€

You save 30€!

Call or email me for an appointment today!

Tel. +33 6 27 57 12 05
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