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Welcome to Lotus Village

Discover another way to heal, to live and to think...
We all want to feel healthy and happy, but often don’t know how to start.
Daily stress, relationship struggles, financial worries and constant negativity from our work environment, home life, the news and the world around us create constant pressure and throw our mind, body and spirit out of balance.  People forget what it even means to be happy, who they are and what they really want— chasing after a life that feels empty and overwhelming.
Lotus Village holistic healers know it is possible to find balance in your day-to-day life again and are deeply passionate about guiding you towards this. It is possible to be yourself, to be joyful and feel inspired and excited about your life.
If you want to feel better, be it physically or psychologically, you will find with Lotus Village everything you need to live the life you truly want and deserve. Whether in an individual session or through a weekend or week-long holistic wellness retreat, you can have all the keys you need to start your path to happiness.

Gary, UK

Participant in one of our weekend wellness retreats

From arriving to departing, a very enjoyable and relaxing stay. You made me feel at home. Food was delicious and the trip to local market was cool.
Thank you guys for the fantastic weekend. Feels like I've had a full system reboot. Learnt lots from you both and you have such positive, loving energies. I feel Inspired and ready to take on the world. I will be back soon.  
What is Lotus Village?


We are an association of Holistic Healing Professionals with a wealth of information and experience about the mind/body/spirit connection focusing on healing the whole person rather than just specific symptoms. Our common goal is to support each person to be happy and in harmony with themselves and their lives through natural and alternative methods. For this reason, we provide individual services as well as workshops, wellness weekends and other retreats.

I enjoyed that it was small, personal & flexible. It was good to know that the timetable wasn't rigid. There was also time to just be free, relax and do your own thing if you wanted. I loved sitting at the table for meals and just talking and laughing with Tania & Lucas about anything. The food was divine... and plentiful.
Angela, Australia
What does "Holistic" mean?


Each person is a whole being--  body, mind and spirit (energy). The Holistic approach treats every person from this view. We assume that healing the body requires looking at each aspect of a person to find what areas need support or healing and to also address the underlying causes of any problems. Without looking at all parts of your life or challenge, you may find relief in the short-term, but it will only resurface again or in another area of your life. This is why many people suffer from long-term, chronic health and emotional issues and they often become worse over time.

A Holistic approach therefore, supports you in looking at your symptoms and problems, searches to find the causes and offers solutions to not only feel better but to heal so the problem doesn’t return or affect other areas of your being.


It is with this vision that we desire to help and support every person wishing to commence their own healing journey and transformation.

We hope to meet you soon on your own path.

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