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Why the name Lotus Village?

The lotus flower is a highly spiritual and symbolic flower that has been used across many cultures throughout time to express different virtues. Some meanings of the lotus include purity, rebirth, awakening, wisdom and eternity.


Lotus flowers are found in ponds with their roots below the water in the mud. They grow up through the water in the direction of the sunlight, with the petals opening each sunrise and then closing again each sunset. This simple act of nature beautifully representing the enduring human desire to rise above and move towards the light or “illumination.” In other words, representing our journey from darkness (the muddy pond) to the light (the sunlight) of knowledge and wisdom. Each day going through a symbolic process of rebirth as well as transformation as it closes and reopens its petals.


“Village” came from a desire to create a community of healing, sharing and learning. A space where people could go to step out of their everyday stress, struggles and hardships to learn a different way of living and to feel a sense of unity and support. A community and a space to ask questions, feel encouraged and energized, obtain new ideas and practice a new way of living.


Seeing the world changing at such a fast pace and what seems to be a “de-evolution” of society, we consequently decided to take action using our own backgrounds, knowledge and skills that we have each acquired through our personal and professional life experiences. A decision and a desire to show others an “alternative” community of like-minded people and that it is possible to live in balance and harmony with oneself, each other and the world around them.


And so, our ultimate goal is to build an actual self-sustained eco/healing community or "village," based upon these ideas, where people will have the opportunity to live or visit and to learn and practice together the concepts of well-being and environmental awareness on a daily basis. A community with its own small homes, organic garden, shared dining area, offices for healing sessions, and communal spaces for workshops, groups, events and retreats. In a few words, a place to heal and to grow, and like the lotus flower, to move out of the darkness and back into the light.

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