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My old friend... we know each other well, you and I... we've been cohabiting for a long time... and to be honest, it's time for you to move out!

Do you also know self-sabotage? You know, when you unknowingly sabotage yourself and end up harming yourself. It's amazing how much it can impact our lives. It still impacts mine today!

Take the example of procrastination, the habit of always postponing important things. We tell ourselves we'll get started, but in the end, we get distracted by less important stuff. And do you know why? Because deep down, we fear failure, we doubt our worth. So we sabotage our own success, without even realizing it. It contributes to confirming the negative self-image we may have of ourselves, saying "I'm not good enough. I don't deserve it. I'm worthless. I won't make it. I'm not strong enough..." All these things our brain likes to tell us to keep us in the known... the known that hurts but that we've learned to control.

And what about our self-destructive behaviors? Sometimes, we adopt habits that harm us, like eating unhealthily, drinking too much alcohol, or not getting enough exercise. It's as if we're trying to punish ourselves, to hurt ourselves, perhaps to pay for our past mistakes or to cope with stress. But in the end, it only makes things worse.

Emotionally, it's there too... with toxic relationships. You know, those situations where we always end up with partners who don't respect us, who repeat the negative patterns we've experienced in the past. We put ourselves in those situations, we sabotage ourselves, and in doing so, we deprive ourselves of the possibility of having healthy and fulfilling relationships.

For me, self-sabotage goes beyond mere behaviors. It's also about aligning with our deepest values. When our actions go against what we truly believe in, it creates internal conflict, a twist, as a close friend likes to say... that pushes us to make self-destructive choices. For example, if we believe in compassion and altruism but act selfishly, it goes completely against our spiritual nature.

Being aware of it is one thing... but phew... freeing ourselves from it is another challenge. It requires looking at ourselves with kindness, observing our self-sabotaging patterns, and replacing them with behaviors that are more aligned with our aspirations and values. It takes work and perseverance... but it's so worth it.

Oh, I'm not completely there yet. My old roommate seems quite happy in my company and is just starting to understand that it's time to leave.

Like every challenge, I know self-sabotage is an invitation to grow, to evolve. It's not a condemnation, but an opportunity for transformation. We can choose to transcend our fears and doubts and embrace our potential. It requires awareness, responsibility, and self-love. And it opens the path to a fulfilling, balanced life that is in alignment with who we truly are.

So always remember that you have the power to change, to free yourself from self-sabotage. It's a journey of inner exploration, where you connect with your true essence and release the limits you've imposed on yourself.

So, are you joining me on this journey? What if every day, we choose to give ourselves what nourishes our mind, body, and soul? Making healthy choices that are aligned with your core values...



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