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TOULOUSE 21/04/2024

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Welcome to you, whose quest for happiness, serenity, or profound change has brought you here...
Welcome to this sacred space where the past, present, and future intertwine to set you free.
Where body, mind, and soul align to allow for a deep reconnection with yourself...

I am not a magician, at least not in the way you perceive it...
I don't have a magic wand to instantly make your wounds or suffering disappear.
YOU are the explorer, and I am your companion.
YOU are the dream weaver of your life... I am your humble guide.

Isn't it magnificent? Your happiness is in YOUR hands...

I am delighted to welcome you to this sacred space where you will find the keys to journey towards happiness:

therapies for the body, mind, and soul.

When the body, heart, and mind are aligned, there are no limits anymore...

But to achieve that, you will have to feel... to release and finally heal.

Come to understand the roots of your pain, to free yourself from it today and move forward with joy.

Come to understand the roots of your pain, to free yourself from it today and move forward with joy.

Embark on a unique journey through your body, mind, and soul.

I am here to accompany you on this beautiful path to self-discovery.
Open your heart, listen to your body, free your mind, and let your soul flourish.
Come and experience this wonderful adventure of self-discovery and spiritual reconnection!

May your journey be filled with joy, wisdom, and transformation.

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Trying to escape the feeling of emptiness and frustration in my personal and professional life, I embarked on a journey around the world to find a deeper meaning. This journey was both geographical and internal, leading me to question myself. However, I wasn't yet ready to disrupt my life and pursue my dreams.

A major event came to open my eyes. After a benign operation, I was faced with a cancer diagnosis. It was a turning point that forced me to step back and confront my fears and limiting beliefs.

This healing journey allowed me to engage in profound inner change. I had to confront my past behaviors, understand my limiting patterns, and find the balance between mind and body. By connecting with my needs and working on myself, I managed to break free from emotional dependency and become more authentic.

Today, as a holistic therapist, I help others reconnect with themselves and realize their potential before reaching a breaking point.

My therapeutic approach, based on coaching, NLP, visualization, body expression, role-playing, sound, and energy healing, engages our body, mind, and being to facilitate essential mind-body reconnection.

We have the power to change our lives and find happiness... Don't delay in starting your own journey towards the fulfillment of your dreams. I am here to guide you with kindness and experience.

Retraite Yoga Portugal - Mieux et Heureux

Want to feel happy but don't know where to start?

Marion - Transformation Retreat

Kayleigh -  Transformation Retreat


Golden Lotus Flower

*Non-refundable deposit. Balance to be paid on the day of the workshop. Confirmation of your attendance required 4 days before the workshop.

Come and discover a sanctuary of peace, of laughter and of respect. Live the experience of reconnecting to yourself.

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